Local recruitment specialists (LRSs) 

Provision of an LRS is a unique service offered by Polaris which can be used to support investigators at a local level with on-site, local patient recruitment and retention activities.

LRS consultants are skilled nurses, clinicians or CRAs with expertise in clinical research, site support and patient recruitment services, as well as knowledge of local dialects and cultural sensitivities. 

LRS support is tailored to fulfill the individual needs of participating study sites after consultation with investigators and study staff. Generally, LRSs are available on a part-time ‘as needed’ basis and status updates are provided to assess their continued effectiveness. 

LRSs provide the following enrollment services:

  • Study education training for site and department staff including protocol, patient recruitment and patient-retention requirements.
    • On-site ‘lunch and learns’
    • Individual site calls
  • Referring physician identification
  • Patient identification, e.g. review of patient charts
  • Facilitate follow up and communication between referring physicians and site personnel and patients
    • Patient mailings
    • Referring physician communications
  • Visit enrolling sites to ensure staff keep the clinical trial top of mind and to check that all materials are up to date.

LRSs provide the following retention services:

  • Training for best practice
  • Monitor patient follow-up
  • Organise opportunities to involve PI in retention activities
  • Keep the trial in focus to ensure staff and patients are adhering to visit schedule
  • Motivate staff to keep patients in the study