Introduction to Polaris

Sanjiv Kanwar, Managing Director, set up Polaris in 2001 to provide clinical trial management consultancy services to a range of clients in both the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Polaris is an innovative functional service provider (FSP) specialising in clinical trial optimisation. We take our clients into new territories optimising patient recruitment and retention to deliver evaluable data efficiently and quickly.

A working week for Polaris’ senior team could include setting up a Phase 2 trial in a few emerging EU and non-EU countries for a USA-based biotechnology company while running a site identification programme for an international Phase 3 study. It could include advising senior MoH officials on clinical research related matters and orchestrating the regulatory submission plans for a global multi-centric study that needs to explore new territories.

While no week is the same, our search for the best practices and innovative ways to deliver successful results to our clients remains constant; lessons learnt are captured and acted upon to serve our clients’ best interests.

Increasingly, our clients’ needs have included seeking new strategies and/or methods for improving clinical trial performance, such as utilising the opportunities provided by emerging regions, where we have demonstrable domain expertise.

Sponsors demand confidence in the people who are on the ground at the ’doing’ level. This is where Polaris can shine, by utilising our existing and preferred partner relationships and our evidence-based approach in running studies successfully on our clients’ behalf.

Polaris remains an independently-owned consultancy driven by a multi-disciplinary team who share an entrepreneurial spirit, multi-cultural and international clinical research experience and the belief that performance and reputation are everything.