Site Selection

Through all our activities on your behalf, our goal is to represent your company and maintain your corporate profile while bringing you success at ground level. In terms of investigator selection and site team relationship management, this means positioning you as the sponsor of choice in the eyes of the best-resourced investigators so they choose to work with you rather than with competitor companies.

Project specific feasibility

Site evaluation begins well in advance of site selection. Our multi-tiered site viability assessment process allows us to present a comprehensive feasibility report covering:

  • Country feasibility
  • Enhanced pre-feasibility
  • Investigator selection and recruitment
  • Evaluation of site resource management including placement of in situ clinical staff
  • Investigator relationship management
  • eLearning solution application, integration and implementation to promote faster start-up times, protocol required learnings and GCP compliance
  • Patient recruitment and retention services – local to global
  • Site assistance with independent ethics committees/independent review boards applications

Understanding working and cultural nuances, we balance the messaging of ‘what needs to be done’ in a manner that translates into getting it actioned. GCP, good business practice and local customs are all observed to affect the desired outcomes in a positive manner.

Site relationship management

  • Site training in person
  • eLearning programmes
  • IRB and ethics committee application assistance
  • Investigator engagement programmes