Access to Emerging Regions

Reduce time and cost

Emerging regions offer high patient populations, potentially treatment-naïve subjects and an untapped supply of physicians as investigators. The combination of lower cost, high quality data and higher return on investment make such countries, which are not currently suffering from trial fatigue, an attractive prospect.

Working in emerging regions, however, also typically means navigating infrastructures, working methods and cultural practices that are unknown to many people living outside those regions and which do not fit into existing North American or Western European models.

Optimal use of emerging regions depends therefore on deep local knowledge of how to select and manage suppliers and sites. Polaris offers these competencies with, importantly, the insight to frame questions that sponsors do not even realise they need to ask.

Cultural need

Understanding the local culture is more than just respecting social custom, it is also about having a deep understanding of how the job market operates in that particular country. The ‘emerging countries’ are experiencing rapid demand, with limited qualified staff in supply — this is where Polaris can augment your activities by being ahead of the curve to ensure the best staff are identified at site and vendor levels, and then closely managed to maximise individual performance and meet targets.

Our involvement and oversight, as an extension of your team, adds a tier of expert knowledge that guides and pre-empts — at both client and regional levels.

Outputs and responsibilities

Polaris offers solid tenured project management skills with ongoing communication with external and internal project teams and proactive issue resolution throughout the study period. We structure a working relationship based upon empirical knowledge and so complement our preferred regional partners and other vendors who understand the local laws, regulatory requirements, customs and practices critical to clinical trials. Central proactive project management then drives accelerated patient recruitment, enhances the quality of data and increases the probability that a study will meet/exceed its timeline and endpoint objectives.

What next?

For more information about how we can assist you in any of the following:

  • Clinical trial management
  • Patient recruitment and retention — strategies to tactics
  • Country to site feasibility
  • Vendor outsourcing and management
  • Regulatory environments in any or all emerging regions (including review and approval processes, ethics committees, patent protection etc)

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