Central and Eastern Europe

Central and Eastern European countries have proven research and fast patient recruitment potential, whether they are considered now as developed (e.g. Poland, Hungary and Russia) or evolving (Ukraine, Romania, Latvia, Georgia and Serbia).

Steady growth and support from the respective Ministry of Health authorities contributes to the increasing number of successful trials conducted in these regions. Each area has appropriate population sizes, suitable infrastructures and transport systems, centralised medical care for referring patients to specific centres and experienced specialists working to international standards. All these factors, combined with the potential for identifying suitable patients and the availability of qualified investigators who have not yet experienced ‘clinical trial fatigue’, make Central and Eastern Europe an area in which Polaris strongly advocates the conduct of clinical research and trials.

There are many potential issues related to undertaking clinical trials in these regions and this is where Polaris can help. By understanding the local working cultures and procedures, we enable our clients to maximise their return on investment. This is not just about the immediate cost savings compared to working in Western Europe and the USA. It is about the time savings from faster recruitment, higher levels of patient compliance and greater retention throughout the life of the trial. Working in emerging Central and Eastern European regions adds up to faster, more cost-efficient processes, high-quality evaluable data and the potential for reduced time to market.