The opportunities for conducting clinical trials in India continue to change and are increasingly attractive to companies wishing to carry out global clinical trials.

There are distinct advantages to conducting clinical trials in India:

  • Many patients (300m+) can access excellent medical facilities
  • Costs can be 40–60% less than Western Europe and the USA
  • Pool of English-speaking physicians who conduct clinical trials
  • Quality of data produced is very good
  • IT infrastructure is well developed.

While many companies have rushed to conduct clinical trials in India for these very reasons, there are still (as with any other region in the world) some working differences. Being aware of these and knowing what to do, and how and when to do it, is the expertise that Polaris brings to clients — including those based in India. This helps to avert the development of crisis and rescue situations and allows a constant, measured traction towards the achievement of goals.

The Polaris team has been working in emerging regions for 17+ years. We have a combined experience of 350+ trials incorporating these regions. As a company, we are structured to fit into and understand local needs — whether these are contractual or cultural, we will address our clients’ needs, known and unspoken, from start to finish.