Polaris speeds up clinical trial completion

Core services

We succeed for our clients without replicating the structure and overheads of a traditional CRO. We are structured to deploy resources efficiently to augment the needs of our clients. The core services we provide:

Faster recruitment

Whatever the need in the development and execution of clinical trials, whether big or small, Polaris works with you to deliver faster results based on local evidence and international experience.

Controlled and managed cost-efficiencies

Thinking globally and acting locally, our Project Managers and Industry Specialists offer clients optimal clinical programme management through expert vendor selection and access to sites and patients in the emerging regions of Eastern Europe, India, Latin America and SE Asia.

High-quality evaluable data

Polaris provides one point of contact for multiple regions or vendors. We deliver international clinical trial management from strategic input at protocol design and enhanced study feasibility through to full clinical programme development and delivery of evaluable data.